April 2, 2014

Style Tips :: Ankle Boots and Jeans

One of the number one requests I get from my clients lately goes something like this "I really love the ankle boot trend, it's so cute, I just don't know how to wear them".

Maybe 80% of my clients request ankle boots or already own them but never wear them because they don't think they look good. So here's what I tell every single one of them:

Ankle boots are kind of like when skinny jeans became super popular. (If you have never known a time when skinny jeans were not popular, congratulations you were probably born in the 90s.)  When this happened, the first pair you put on felt weird. WEIRD! You looked at yourself and thought, OMG thighs. You then threw them in your closet and never looked at them again. Until a week later when you thought, well...maybe I'll try them for going out tonight. And then again and again and again until now the only type of jean you'll WEAR is skinny and you say YUCK boot leg jeans, nobody can get between me and my $200 skin tight jeggings! I call this the 'Grease' phenomenon. Ok, no I don't, but that sounds kind of legit right? 

Simply put, you've got to ease your way into the ankle boot the same way you did with jeggings. You are going to think it looks really weird at first, but just ignore yourself and go with it. 

That being said...I have seen quite a few people who clearly don't understand how to style them with jeans. It's an easy concept with skirts and dresses but with skinny jeans something just doesn't seem right. And I think I know what it is. It's the fact that you've got too much fabric around your ankle! If your jeans are skin tight then you can wear them long (into the shaft of the boot) and they will just disappear for lovely long legs. It's when the fabric bunches up at the top of the boot that things get weird. And in this case I sometimes suggest to clients to try folding up their jeans or getting an ankle length jean so they can be oh so French and cool. C'est tres cool, non?

Everyone should try this out if they dont "get it". Here are 3 easy ways to take jeans you already own, and make them ankle boot friendly. Ready? Ok!

1. The Tight Roll: Roll your jeans up just once or twice for a clean retro style. If you are short like me, you can roll them underneath so that they are still shorter but don't have the 'cuff' look to them. 
Roll Over
Roll Under

2. DIY Cut: Cut your jeans above the ankle (as shown in this picture). Don't worry about it being a perfect line, it's meant to look "I don't care". But if you do this, make sure they are skinny or straight leg jeans. It wouldn't look right if you cut your bootcuts at the ankle.. then you've got flood pants. 

3. Let your cropped jean hem out: Take a seam ripper (or in my case a pair of sharp scissors) and cut out the thread holding your jean hem in place. Do this to cropped jeans so that when they lay open, they are still at or above the ankle. I love the pattern on the underside of hems, kind of boho and if you end up disliking it after a few wears, you can easily stich your hem back in place!

Were you unsure of how to wear your ankle boots? Are you going to try any of these tips? Let me know! 

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