December 18, 2014

Hey Asshole

Zara Heels (old but similar here) / Sole Society Purse

My boyfriend hates this t-shirt but I just love it. It's got that, "I don't give a shit" attitude that I really embrace these days. Maybe it's the older I get but I think, life is short, why waste your energy on things that really don't matter?

This brings me to another point- the fact that you may be seeing me much less lately on here. I've been doing the blog for 5 years now and it's really hard to let go but unfortunately I'm just too busy to spend as much time on it - and give you guys the really great content you deserve! So just a heads up, I'll be checking in here and there when I've got something REALLY GOOD to show you or tell you about, but no more daily posts. I suggest signing up for email updates so that you don't have to check back in every day to see if I have a new post up, this way it will just get sent right to you.

Thanks to everyone that has been following all these years, it's been a blast! So I'll see you here and there next year, still keep reaching out as I love to hear from you guys. And.. if you're really upset at this news... then I guess my t-shirt really hits home doesn't it?!

Have an amazing holiday!

December 16, 2014

Camel on Camel

Sometimes you just don't have time for pants! Like when you're incredibly hungover after a holiday party and you're thinking, who has time for pants, I need food! Let's find food! Which is where we headed, over to High Five Ramen, except that High Five Ramen doesn't open until 6pm (fail). So instead we went and saw a movie (Whiplash- really really good, highly recommend) and then finally made it to the ramen joint later.

A little tip if you intend to try this place out, it's small (maybe 20 people max) so head there early and add your name to the sign up sheet so that you aren't waiting around forever in hangry mode. High Five was sooo good and totally hit the spot. If you are a ramen lover like us, go all out and get the special with full spice!!

December 12, 2014

Holiday Dressing

Happy Friday! I'm sure many of you have holiday parties, events and places to attend over the next few weeks. We always dress up during the holidays so I try to get at least one new fun item to wear to all my events. In fact, we have a holiday party tonight we are going to! I've rounded up some of my favorite festive pieces on these here interwebs. Which one is your favorite?

December 10, 2014

Shawl Collar Cardigan

 I have become pretty much obsessed with shawl collar cardigans. Last year Clay and I were on an epic quest to find him one and this year all I can think about is getting a few for myself. When Everlane released this sweater (sold out but there is a waitlist on the navy and black) I immediately jumped at the opportunity. It's definitely much bigger on me than I expected (I'm wearing an XS) but I'm rolling with it - it's got a 'borrowed from the boys' look for sure. I would definitely love to get another style like this one in a grey but shorter and not as slouchy. I'm kicking myself for returning the cardigan from last year's Target x Rag & Bone collection that is exactly what I want. Why I returned it I have no idea.. maybe one will pop up on Ebay!

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December 8, 2014

Oh Deer

Happy Man Monday!

Do you ever wander over to Target say for.. aspirin and then end up leaving with 50 items you didn't anticipate finding? That's our problem. We'll go to Target and then mosey around finding all these amazing things we never knew we needed. Like this sweater. Both Clay and I saw this sweater on a mannequin and we each gravitated towards it. It's kind of got this cool anti-festive thing going for it. I think it looks much better on Clay but every now and then I'll steal it and wear it with jeans and boots. Oh man, are we are becoming one of those couples that dresses alike?

Also, can you believe how close we are to Christmas?? Eeek!

December 4, 2014

Party Down

This is what I wore for Thanksgiving last week. My brother threw an epic fest, per usual and afterwards my friend and I saw the new Hunger Games movie. All in all a great day. This dress was perfect for the occasion, not fitted (I could fit three Thanksgiving meals in it if needed) and was nice and light so easy for layering when it got cooler at night. I'm excited to wear this same outfit back in Chicago except with some tights and black ankle boots. 

What did you end up wearing for Thanksgiving?

December 2, 2014

The Streets

 Spent the past week in sunny Los Angeles and I can't believe it's already December! Usually by now I've gotten a bit of my Christmas shopping done already but I haven't gotten anything yet, I'm already behind! While in LA this past week, it would hit upwards of 80 degrees every day (madness). Since I've long since packed away my summer clothes, I had to get a bit creative with my winter clothing. Who says you can't wear a leather mini in the summer??

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