August 20, 2014


Zara blouse (similar) / Frame skinny jeans / Zara jacket (old) / Madewell heels (similar)  
Mansur Gavriel small tote / Baublebar ear jackets (only $28!)

Let's talk about stripes. Vertical vs. horizontal, to be exact. While you may not care what kind of stripe you wear, there's no denying that stripes create a strong illusion that can positively or negatively affect the way your body appears.

Vertical stripes are easy, they make you look taller, longer, leaner. If I wanted to give the illusion of sky-high legs, I'd invest in a pair of pants with a vertical line to them. And while many people find that look to be a bit too strong, a simple pant with a tuxedo stripe down the sides is a perfect alternative. If you have a shorter torso, a top like the one I'm wearing now is an easy way to give the illusion of a longer top.

Perfect for elongating those stems on the sly. Find it here.

I know a lot of friends and clients with larger busts that shy away from horizontal striped tops. And it's definitely true that a wide horizontal line will visually appear to make your top wider than you may prefer. However there is definitely a way you can do it right. Look for a top with stripes on just the body and that has solid sleeves or no sleeves at all, this will break up the look instead of stretching those stripes over your boobs and across your arms. Another way to easily do this is to throw on a solid colored jacket over your striped top, thus giving you the solid sleeve look that I mentioned before. Or lastly, you can always invest in an open striped top (like a jacket) that leaves the bust area open so you aren't overwhelmed by stripes all over.
A great stripe alternative for those with large busts. Find it here.

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August 18, 2014

Man Monday

Here's a line you probably never thought you'd hear, a bespoke tailor on Chicago's Oak Street is within your budget. I'm not lying when I tell you that you can get a custom suit right here on Oak for under a grand. I went into the Alton Lane showroom expecting to drop at least $2k but discovered you can get a great option as low $900 (with their lowest fabric at $599). 

Nothing against Saks, Neiman or Bloomingdales, they've got great stuff. If you need something back in a week they're your go to. However, if you're patient and willing to wait five weeks then why wouldn't you go completely bespoke for the same price? It's easier than you think, just follow these five steps:

Step 1: Give Alton Lane a call or make an appointment online (give them time to stock the bar). 

Step 2: Head over to 49 E. Oak and feel free to bring some friends, but make sure to wear underwear (you'll know what I'm talking about later). 

Step 3: Ease yourself into the process. Hang out for a drink and talk about what you're looking for so they can narrow down the fabric swatches.  Also talk details. You want hot pink piping on the lining of a navy suit? Fuck yeah. A lot of other places are going to nickel and dime you with the details, charge you for every custom button, stitching or lining. Not these guys, so go nuts.

Step 4: Here comes the sci-fi shit... you'll be taken to their full body scanner/time machine where you'll strip down to your skivvies so it can take dozens of measurements in 20 seconds - a la video game motion capture. Does one shoulder sit slightly higher? Is one wrist bigger than the other? Do you hang to the right or the left? Heyooo! This machine captures it all. 

Step 5: Return in five weeks for the final fitting and any minor adjustments. Have another drink. Congratulations, now that you no longer look like a human parachute you can lavish in the attention of a perfect fitting suit. 


The Alton Lane Chicago showroom is located at 49 E. Oak Street on the 2nd floor above Jack Spade. They also have locations in New York, Boston, D.C., Richmond and Dallas.

August 15, 2014

Marine Layer Chicago

Marc Jacobs dress (old) / Zara heels (old) / Coach purse

Someone asked me recently to describe my style. I answered, sharks and cats.
Seeing as it's officially Shark Week and we just celebrated the Chicago store opening of Marine Layer (based on the West Coast), it seemed only natural to pull out this shirtdress from Marc Jacobs. Sadly it's no longer available but I've pulled together some of my favorite shark inspired items you can shop below!

Marine Layer is one of my favorite new companies. I've had the pleasure of meeting some of the team, hanging out in their cool new space, and wearing their basics that have that lived-in Cali vibe to them. Soft tee's are my jam. They carry both a men and women's line so you can drop in with your dude and shop together. This brand is on the up and up, not only did they just open this location but plan on expanding further out to the east coast. So you know, don't say I never told you so!

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August 13, 2014

Lollapalooza Recap

Before the Interpol Pre-Lolla show wearing Rag & Bone tank and DL1961 jeans.

Day 1 of Lolla wearing a Topshop crop top, Reformation skirt, Chloe purse and Target boots.

We borrowed a stroller at one point. 

Fireworks over Outkast, great end to the night!

Sunny day 2 at Lolla wearing Alexander Wang tank, Citizens of Humanity shorts, Zara Boots and Club Monaco chambray shirt.

Vintage Gucci bag. 

We ate chicken falafel and ice cream EVERY DAY. Every. Day.

Excited for my friend's band Gemini Club to play on Sunday!

Very rainy day 3 at Lolla wearing Alexander Wang tank, vintage Levi's shorts and Ellie Jay necklace.

Gemini Club brought the rain- literally.

I searched for one of these cat fans the entire weekend and finally got one!

The end. Whew!

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August 11, 2014

Fit and Flare

 Zara dress (similar) / H&M shoes / Kate Spade clutch(old) / Dream Collective Bracelet

Have you ever broken a bottle of wine in the grocery store? Possibly the worst place to break something. Small aisle. Smashed glass. Liquid everywhere. People walking past giving you the 'that sucks' look. I broke one today (first timer) and am happy to report that chardonnay washes out of canvas shoes relatively easily. You know that look of shame a dog has while it's wearing a cone? Yep.

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