August 1, 2014

Fest Ready

Recently Clay and I went to the Jack White concert and the most amazing thing happened. He had a representative come out and ask everyone not to photograph or videotape the show, to keep phones in pockets and that they would release much better photography after the show so that you could just enjoy the music. It's been so long since I went to a show where there weren't 100 phones glowing in the crowd. It was beyond enjoyable. At one point a guy in front of me took his phone out to record and an usher immediately came over and put a flashlight in his face until he stopped.
Ah...public shaming. It was amazing.

We are headed to Lollapalooza this weekend and I'm really excited. Mostly because my friends band is playing this year and it feels really good to support your friends in a sea of strangers. You should check them out if you are at the fest, their band is Gemini Club and they are playing 1:00 pm on Sunday.

I'll be sporting my new Marine Layer sweatshirt for when it gets colder at night. The folks at Marine Layer was nice enough to send us a few things to wear. If you know me at all you know I despise sweatpants..sweat clothes.. anything like that. But I am obsessed with this stuff. It's quite possibly the softest items I own. I've already taken a few naps in this sweatshirt, it's that good.

If you are heading to Lollapalooza keep an eye out for me! Enjoy the music, stay hydrated and don't be an asshole!!
(Asshole = bumping into people, spilling beer on people, 

July 31, 2014

Thirsty Thursday :: Arnold Palmer

Want to know what I've really been doing all summer? I've been drinking Arnold Palmers! Possibly the easiest and most refreshing summer cocktail I've learned to make, it's simple enough to whip up quickly for last minute guests or if you just want to indulge in one on a lazy Sunday. 

Impress all of your friends with your newly found cocktail 'skillzz'! 

Arnold Palmer Ingredients (makes one cocktail)
1 shot of bourbon whiskey (we like Knob Creek)
2 parts iced tea (brew your own with loose tea using a coffee press)
1 part lemonade
1 sprig of fresh mint

Combine, stir and serve!

July 30, 2014


French Connection dress (old) / Coach purse / YSL vintage scarf / Ray-Ban aviators / Calvin Klein sandals via DSW

I've had this dress far longer than I care to admit yet every season when I put it on, it feels just as fresh as if it were recently purchased. There is something to be said about a classic striped dress, I should know, I have about ten different iterations of it. But the classic navy tank version- that's one I just keep coming back to.

Every year I end up buying a new version of this dress, they are all a little different but generally the same idea. It's kind of like denim- who really needs twenty pairs of skinny dark jeans? And yet we keep buying them! 

What's your 'repeat' purchase? Is it white t-shirts? Black jeans? Or are you like me and hoard striped items?

Shop more great striped dresses here:

July 28, 2014

Man Monday

Polo Ralph Lauren shoes (similar)

In terms of the pant game, most guys only have khakis, jeans, and those purple Z. Cavaricci's from 1992 in their closet. What a boring bottom half. I'm telling you, sometimes you gotta get out of your comfort zone. Below are a few things to keep in mind when you venture into the uncharted territories of colored pants:

1. If you want to do colored pants, get an off-color. Don't get absolute primary red or green unless you are hosting a holiday party in Nantucket.

2. Fit. No matter what the color is, get this one right. 

3. Make the pants your statement piece. The rest of your look should be more low key. Don't wear coral colored pants and a plaid shirt, unless you are Kanye West playing croquet on Mackinaw Island. Keep it simple.  

4. Once you commit, own it. A lot about pulling it off is the attitude that you have in the clothes. 


July 25, 2014

Hat Hack :: DIY Re-Sizing

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, I've always had a problem finding hats that will fit my head. My head measures 21 inches around and most hats start at 22 or 23. I was really determined to find a summer style this year and thankfully my friend had this extra Panama hat she wanted to get rid of! 

It definitely fit better than most hats but it was still a touch too big for me. Anytime I walked around our Windy City, the hat would fly off my head, which was really annoying to have to hold onto it all day.
I decided to try a quick hack and see if it would work (spoiler alert- it totally works and is awesome).

All I did was take about 6-8 inches of this double sided mounting tape we had in our hardware bin. You can find a similar style here.

I lifted up the fabric on the inside of the hat, and placed a sticky side of tape on the fabric strip around the hat. I didn't take the tape off the other side so that stickiness didn't seep through on accident. Then I folded the fabric back into placed, pushed firmly on all sides and voila, a hat hack anyone can do!

Check out all my photos below and let me know if you have any questions! 

July 23, 2014

Midweek Meetings

 Just a few quick pics from a long day of meetings last week. I love an outfit like this because it's casual and breezy for when I'm trolling away on the computer but when I need to go out to an event I just throw on some heels and a sharp jacket. This Theory Lanai blazer is probably one of my favorite work pieces. It's got an amazing cut, perfect structure and looks great over a dress or with jeans. You should definitely consider picking up a piece as versatile as this for fall if you don't already have one!

July 21, 2014

Mixed Messages

Mango top (only $27!) / Topshop shorts (old) / Coach purse / Rachel Zoe sandals  

I'm mixing a little old with a little new in today's outfit- can you guess which is which? Ok fine I'll tell you- you may remember these shorts from this event almost a year ago! I wanted to take a break from talking about my outfit and instead chat about what's going on with me lately..

Do you ever have the issue where you go to take a picture and your phone suddenly says 'NO STORAGE SPACE LEFT'. What?! Not even for one photo? I've been in this situation way too many times unfortunately so I'm checking out EverAlbum. A new app that backs up all of your photos so that you can free up the space on your phone. Check it out here. Anyone else use it? Thoughts?

I'm also experiencing a new phenomenon commonly known as the Sinus cold. Is this what happens when you get older? Everything just falls apart? Well, about once every week I sneeze uncontrollably for a day. Might be time to find out what I'm allergic to but for now, does anyone have any good recommendations on sinus medications or alternative options? (I hate taking pills unless absolutely necessary).

This is totally old news but does anyone else open up their magazines to see Michelle Williams in that Louis Vuitton ad and then just stop and stare at it for hours? I'm obsessed. Whoever she is in that ad, I want to BE that person. I want to wear that jacket with those jeans and carry that bag and get that haircut. Let's discuss.

My brother sent me a terrifying article about how someone that left their contact lenses in too long went blind. An Amoeba ATE THEIR EYE. Thanks bro. Nightmares..

I'm a summer person. Put me in 90 degree humidity and I'm loving it. LOVING IT. However, that doesn't mean I don't obsess over fall clothing like everyone else. Which is why you should stock up on a few pre-fall items during Nordstrom's sale going on right now. Check out my favorites here.

Need a good movie recommendation? Good, because I have two. First, the most recent Planet of the Apes movie. I know what you are thinking - Oh great, not another one. Yawn. However it was actually really awesome, the right amount of plot/action/character development. Go see it and whatever you do, do not see that Michael Bay atrocity.
Another film we've heard a lot of good things about that also looks awful is Snowpiercer. I haven't seen it yet but I've only heard good things- which makes me want to see it. As I probably will.

Check back in on Friday when I'll be posting my "Hat Hack" aka how to make a hat that is too big for you fit your head!